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What Culture Means to Us

We’re proud of the products we offer, but we’re even more proud of the way we value our customers, our associates and our environment. We don't run with the herd. It's our belief that companies are defined by their culture and their shared values. Our culture is based upon five core values that we live every day.

Our Core Values

People count - We put people first because that‘s who drives our business to success. Our personalized approach to customer service is impossible without our talented team of associates.
Customer service matters - Great customer service breeds great business. We‘re honored to represent the companies we work for and we always do it with unmatched customer service every day.
Live the Circle of Success - What is that, you ask? It‘s our 4 step process on the path to success: 1. Set clear Expectations, 2. Measure progress, 3. Individual Accountability, 4. Reward and Recognition.
Do the right thing - Our credibility didn‘t happen overnight. It was built with a continued emphasis on doing what we do with integrity and honor. We intend to keep it that way.
Relentless pursuit of excellence - We will never rest on past successes. Our company and our customers will never grow without a constant pursuit of improvement.

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